Various infographics published in Turkish sports magazine, Socrates. 
A quick look at the Giro d'Italia and its 2017 edition
A detailed look at the Tour de France 2017.
A quick look at the Tour de France 2016, and at the "Le Tour" in general.
Unbreakable Records: The longest running world records of athletics.
A look at the careers of İlhan Cavcav, manager of Gençlerbirliği for nearly 40 years, known for his habit of frequently changing managers; and Yılmaz Vural, a football manager for nearly 30 years, and known for his habit of frequently changing teams.
A general overview of The European Football Championship.
History of the Vodafone Istanbul Marathon.
Euroleague and its most successful teams throughout history.
Progression of the 100 m world record in athletics.
The maximum break in snooker: 147
Research about the different habits of football fans across Europe.
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